Error with the Zoom meeting SDK 3.1.4

Hello everyone, I am facing the following issue,

After upgrading the websdk 2.17 to meetingsdk 3.1.4, Zoom is showing a black screen and I receive this message

zoomus-websdk-zoommtgMain.umd.min.js:2 Error: canceled
at zoomus-websdk-zoommtgMain.umd.min.js:2:224313 'tasks error'

Any one who can help??

Hi @tommy, please check it

Hi @into.devteam ,

Please review our upgrade guides and let us know if they are able to help:

Additionally, test with the most recent sample application. If the issue is not present there, you can use to compare to your MSDK app to help isolate the problem.

Thanks @gianni.zoom ,

Solved, after downgrading react to 16.14.0 and updating zoom to 3.1.6

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