errorCode=3, internalErrorCode=100006000

Android SDK 初始化信息报错 检查了权限 网络正常

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  1. How to set the maximum number of meetings? If the number of people above the limit is no longer allowed to join or what?
  2. How to set Chinese?

Carson Chen via Zoom Developers 于2019年4月24日周三 上午2:07写道:

The maximum member of meetings is 100~10000.

If the upper limit is reached, user cannot join the meeting.

The Maximum depends on the plan:

If you would like to set display language to Chinese, you can use the following method:

ZoomSDK.setSdkLocale(new Locale("zh","CN"));

Here are some links for Locale:

Hope this helps. Thanks!

在集成的时候遇到了问题了 方便留个联系方式嘛 有问题想请教一下