Errors in the logs while the app was not open


We recently noticed thousands of errors in our logs. These were logged only for two users. One of which said they haven’t open our app for several days. Another user showed us their desktop client. Our app was not open, but we were seeing error logs coming in real time. They only stopped after the user closed the desktop client.

We have timers in our codebase and it looks something like multiple instances of our app keep working in the background?

Yes, in some scenarios, the app keeps working in the background just like inactive browser tab.

We will murder the timers on our end. There is still something strange about it - the errors started flooding on Saturday 2pm. It also looks like one user might have multiple zombie apps running in the background.

Thanks for reporting this. We’ll look into ensuring that there are no orphaned/zombie processes created by the Zoom Apps timers.

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