Zoom Apps Bug: Can't open Zoom Apps (multi-account sign in false)

Zoom claims I cannot access Zoom Apps because I’m logged into different accounts on Zoom.us and the Client

However this is not true (see screenshot) and this warning is not helpful or actionable. Not sure how to repro

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@max_warmly Does this happen for every meeting and every app? What version of the Zoom Client are you using?

we’ve seen this on 5.11.1 (mac).

One way we’ve repro’d:
Be logged into Zoom.us and client with same account
Join a meeting, sign out of both locations
While in the meeting sign into Zoom.us and client with a different account
The error message will appear

Update 4 Aug 2022 - 08:00 ET
Updating to 5.11.3 did not help. We’re still seeing the same error message:

I may be misunderstanding, but if you log into a different account while a meeting is ongoing, I would expect that error message. I think the instance that @max_warmly referred to involved being logged in to the same account.

Are you seeing that logging out and then back into the same account causes this?