Errors_Invalid_Parameter when joining session

Hi there,

Recently I have a problem joining sessions.

In my older version with zoom-instant-sdk-iOS-1.0.2 the following happens:

  • joinSession returns a session object
  • onError returns Errors_Session_Invalid_Param (code: 2013, details: 5003)

In the updated version with zoom-video-sdk-iOS-1.1.0 on the other hand:

  • joinSession returns nil
  • onError returns Errors_Invalid_Param (code: 7 details: 0)

The code to create the session context is the same in both cases, and has worked fine for the last few weeks. I checked the documentation and sample app again, but could not find any updates.

I can also imagine the problem is related to the issues reported for Android. The timing seems to be similar.

Please let me know if anything needs to be changed in the client implementation. Thanks!


Hi there,

After debugging both versions again, I found the cause of the problem.


Since a session object was returned, I already suspected that it had another cause. Googling shows that the code 5003 in the zoom client indicates a connection problem. It would still be great if you could confirm this error detail code for the Video SDK.

Since then I have not gotten the error. I guess that was an unfortunate coincidence. Sorry about the confusion.


I had noticed before that the user_identity in JWT is limited to 16 characters. (see customUserId property does not exist - #8 by blindgaenger)

Since “zoom-video-sdk-iOS-1.1.0” the limit has strangely decreased to 15 characters.

"user_identity": "1234567890123456", ← works in 1.0.2, but fails in 1.1.0
"user_identity": "123456789012345", ← works in both versions

This is a pity, because I use UUIDs as user IDs, and the customUserId cannot be set yet. I would have liked the limit to increase. :upside_down_face:

Anyway, the solution is obvious, so I mark this thread as solved.


Hi @blindgaenger,

Thanks for posting the solution. Yes, unfortunately the limit has been decreased to 15 by the back end. We absolutely understand your concerns with this limitation and are keeping an eye on whether or not we may need to increase this in the future.


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