ETA Mobile Browser support

Is there an ETA for Mobile Browser Support (Web SDK) ?

Hi @Caiorr,

Official support for mobile browsers is on our radar, but I don’t have an official ETA for this at the moment. For the best experience, we still recommend leveraging our native (iOS and Android) SDKs.


Hey @will.zoom would you give a brief overview of the current issues afflicting mobile devices? I’m about to make a technical decision and I’d like to know the scope/impact of these issues.

Are we talking about graphical issues on a minority of devices or, instead, consistent connectivity issues that might prevent a user from joining a meeting?

Hi @Moreno,

Our Web Client SDK will work on certain mobile browsers, but the experience does not match that of the native SDKs. Some additional/important limitations to keep in mind:

  • Safari/iOS does not support audio
  • Our Web SDK is fairly responsive, but you will find the best experience in the native SDKs

I hope this helps to clarify, but let me know if you have additional questions.


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