Web Client SDK -Issue in Ipad Safari

Hi @MaxM ,

Once we have done all the integration.
3 User Testing was done
2 Users in Laptop Chrome Browser
1 User in ipad Safari browser

In Laptop there was no issue,
but in ipad
User was able to join the meeting, able to see and hear other attendees.
but his audio was not sending to others

Tried with ipad ios version 14 latest

need a quick response.

Hi @rameshpillai007 ,

Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately this functionality is not supported in Safari. Please reference this page for supported browser information: https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/sdk/video/web#browser-support


Hi @gianni.zoom ,

Thanks for the reply.

But Im using web client sdk in ipad safari browser, becasue ipad don’t allow chrome to use camera and mic.
In this case was is the solution, how to use web client sdk in ipad.

Hey @rameshpillai007,

Currently, we don’t support Mobile Browsers with the Web SDK. While you may see that you are able to get some unsupported functionality working with the latest and beta versions of iOS and iPadOS we aren’t able to provide support for related issues at this time.


Hi @MaxM ,

Thanks for the delayed reply.

Web Client SDK is using Webrtc or any other technologies ?
Because we have done webex js sdk integration and its work in all mobile or ipad browser seamlessly.

Can you brief the above in the zoom case.

Hey @rameshpillai007,

We use a variety of technologies based on what is available for the platform. Webex accomplishes significantly less IMO so they are able to get away with using older technologies. We are pushing the limits of what’s possible when it comes to Web Applications which means we rely on newer APIs provided by platforms/browsers.

We plan to expand our platform support in the future but I don’t have a timeline for when we’ll see these changes.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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