Web sdk compatibility to mobile


web sdk works fine on a desktop browser, however it doesn’t seem to be compatible to mobile? or is there something I need to set? I am using the same layout as in your sample-app-web and am getting this look&feel when on mobile:


Hi @shahar,

Our JS SDK is currently not responsive, our Engineering team is currently looking into releasing a responsive version early Q1 2019.



Zoom meeting SDK implement our ionic mobile app but facing issue audio not working properly. Please share with me what configuration change what permission added.


Hi @vivek,

What browser are you using for audio? Right now audio only works for Chrome.



Thanks for reply!!
Yes, We are using Chrome browser in android phone, but audio not working showing error :
“**your browser is preventing access to your microphone **
learn how to allow access to your microphone

Actually zoom sdk open in ionic “inappbrowser” by default chrome. so audio not working. Please share me it is possible or not