Event for user joining and/or leaving a meeting NOT hosted by our account?

We are using Web Hooks and the APIs generally to create time entries for people based on Zoom Calls and meeting events. This is working well so long as the meeting is Hosted by one of our internal users. When an internal user joins a meeting hosted outside our organisations, it’s still something we want to know about, but it seems there is no way of doing this short of enabling web hooks on all of our clients Zoom environments (which they would never agree to anyway)

Hi @peter6,

Thanks for reaching out about this. As you might have suspected, it’s currently only possible to get this information for meetings hosted under your own account. You’re correct in that you’d need to have your clients enable webhook events that you could subscribe to.

While it sounds like this wouldn’t be feasible, if you were interested in exploring this, this would require an OAuth App that you would create under your account, which your clients would install locally on their own accounts.

Let me know if this helps to clarify,

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