Webhook for joining a Zoom meeting?

Is there a webhook that I can use to inform me when an account joins a Zoom meeting?

It appears that the webhooks are only triggered if it is a meeting created by the account. For instance, if I start a meeting, there are webhooks that will alert me that (a) I started a meeting, or (b) someone else joined my meeting. In my case, I need to detect if I have joined any meeting. I don’t care about other participants or if I am the host, just if I have joined a meeting.

Is this possible?

I appreciate any help!

Hi @kmbutler, we do not have participant events which a user can subscribe to. As you identify, they are only subscribed by the meeting host. I have these on our feature requests for the platform, but I don’t have a timeline for when (or if) we will be able to release them.