Event "interactive_message_actions" doesn't include current message?

I’m working on a chatbot.

I’m surprised the “interactive_message_actions” doesn’t include the current message (only includes the “original message”). Feel like I must be missing something since this data seems essential to most basic use cases.

Two use cases that seem very basic that are made significantly more difficult without the current message included:

  1. Seems pretty common to build a form with a few fields and button to submit. Currently when the user clicks the submit you don’t get the form fields included in that action. Far as I can tell the current API requires you to collect those field values as the user edits them. This requires a lot more state management and would be a lot simpler if zoom just included those fields in the “interactive_message_actions” event.
  2. Disabling a buttons after submitting. Seems pretty common to ask the user a question and want them to respond once. Disabling the buttons seems the obvious way to prevent users from submitting multiple times. Currently I don’t see a decent way to disable buttons. If the current message was included in the “interactive_message_actions” event then it would be much easier to use the update message command.

I’m I missing a good way to get the current message state or to handle the two noted use cases?


assuming since you moved this to feature request without a comment I’m not missing any good way to handle these use cases currently?

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