Event Notification not Triggering from OAuth App of market place

I have created 2 marketplace apps [******* test -2] [Web Hook Testing], which I don’t wish to be available publicly on Zoom Marketplace.
I have configured Events on the OAuth app. And the same endpoint URL I have added to the Webhook app as well.
But in the call logs I can only see the logs related to the Webhook is triggered.
For the event from the OAuth app there is no logs at all.

I agree for few responses I can see in webhooks that it is returning a status as 200 and sometimes 500 as well. But why the 200 request is not reflecting for the event subscription from the OAuth App.

No Call Logs present

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?
Will Let you know in private message.

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Hi @saurav.sah,

It sounds like you’re wondering why webhooks aren’t logged in the marketplace for OAuth Apps, is that right? If so, I should clarify that our Marketplace currently only supports logs for Webhook Only and JWT app types. We hope to introduce more logging options for Oauth apps in the future.

To clarify, are you receiving the events for the OAuth app at your endpoint?


Hi Will,
I was trying with both(OAuth and webhook) the app at once and I was getting only one response saved from my application end point.
So I was not able to figure it out it was from OAuth or Webhook. For webhook I can see the logs but not for OAuth.
Now when I disabled the Webhook , I can see my OAuth event subscription is also working.

But there is one more doubt is bothering me is that when there is a 500 response code in Webhook call I don’t see it is trying to send a request to the endpoint again.
I may be wrong but i think i read it somewhere that if there is 500 response zoom tries to send that request again , total like 3 times. Is it true?

Hey @saurav.sah,

Please see our documentation on Notification Delivery:

Let me know if that helps.


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