Webhooks not triggered for activated JWT app

Call logs> Webhook Logs does not show any calls to any webhooks, although the app is activated, Event Subscriptions are on, and subscription exists with multiple different event types.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
JWT with webhooks

Which Endpoint/s?

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Do one of the actions from the subscribed event types, like end a meeting, stop recording, etc.
  2. Nothing happens. The webhook event notification url doesn’t have any log of any request being made to it and there is no log of any webhook have been called in the Call Logs.

Screenshots (If applicable)

Hi @joe3,

Thanks for reaching out about this.

To clarify, are you receiving the events at your designated endpoint, but just not seeing them in the logs? I should clarify that only Webhook-Only app types will be logged. Webhooks associated with a JWT app are not shown in the webhook logs at this time.

If you’re not receiving any events at your designated endpoint, can you check the following:

  • Confirm your endpoint sends back a 200OK response upon receipt of Zoom payloads
  • Confirm that you’ve triggered the event associated with the webhook (i.e., started a meeting to receive a Meeting Started webhook)

Let me know—thanks!

Thanks for responding, will.

We are neither receiving the events at the designated endpoint nor are we seeing anything in the webhook logs. Thanks for the information about the lack of webhook logs being expected.

  • My endpoint does send back a 200OK response, but even if it didn’t, as soon as the webhook POST’ed to my endpoint, I would see it in my logs, correct? There’s no way for it to silently test my endpoint for 200 response without me knowing it. I’m not seeing anything in my endpoint where I’m looking requests made.

  • I am triggering the event associated. I actually only need the Video Recording Stopped event, but just to test, I added 11-12 events, Meeting Started, ended, etc. I start a meeting, record, stop recording, end the meeting, but no calls to my api endpoint.

Any further information on where I can look to debug, given the logs are not very useful, would be much appreciated.


Hi @joe3,

Thanks for getting back to me and for sharing these details.

As a next step, can you provide the following details to me at developersupport@zoom.us? Please reference this thread:

  • email address associated with your JWT app
  • the endpoint you’re specifying to receive Zoom payloads at
  • meeting ID for which you’ve recently tested

This will help me to further debug—I’ll keep an eye out!


Hi Will,

Apologize for the delay in responding. This project got pushed a little in my schedule. Now I’m looking at getting it working again. I’ve sent the details you requested to developersupport@zoom.us. Looking forward to your response!


Thanks @joe3! I’ve received your email and will be in touch with you there.


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