Event that triggers on meeting/app close

I’d like to be able to log information to a logging endpoint once a meeting finishes, or once a user closes their app. Is there any event for this?

I’m aware of the onMeeting event but I noticed that that opens up another instance of our app after the meeting is closed.

I also see that there is an onOpenCloseApp event type present in the code for the SDK here but there doesn’t seem to be any event implementation for it.

Hi @neil.jones , thank you for these observations. What’s currently available is our Zoom API event meeting.ended for when a meeting is terminated by the host. This can be paired with the participant.left event, although it’s not specific to the Zoom App itself. Would this be helpful?


Thanks for reaching out @gianni.zoom . Yeah I saw that meeting.ended endpoint, but ideally I’d like to do this without webhooks. However, if its the only option at the moment then I’ll give it a shot. Thanks!

@neil.jones I’m not aware of a method with the JavaScript SDK that will allow us to react to the closed app, but I think that would be a valuable feature. Would you be able to add this to our idea portal?

For the time being, I think that webhook events would be best to determine if a meeting has ended. When it comes to the app being closed you can look for the page being unloaded and react to that.

Hi @MaxM. Yeah I think I’ll try the webhook solution. Thanks for your response

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