Events vs Sessions license

Newbie developer here, trying to upgrade an existing Meeting/Webinar integration to support a Zoom Sessions license. The documentation is unclear - should I be using the Events API if the license is only for Sessions?

Hi @bunch are you referring to Video SDK sessions? Video SDK - web - Sessions

If so, Video SDK licensing is separate from Meeting and Webinar.

Which documentation are you referring to?

No, I’m referring to the Zoom Sessions license that is part of Events.
See here:
and here:
Apparently this uses the Events API, but the Session section of the Event API says that it’s “not allowed for single session event types”. It’s my understanding that the Zoom Session license only allows for single session events.

Hi @bunch , thanks for feedback on this. You are right, it is not clear and seemingly counterintuitive. I believe your assumption is correct. Events for Sessions license and Sessions for events.

I will be OOO next week and may get to this late, can you please reach out to Zoom Billing/Sales and confirm? You may send them this thread and ask for clarification on the documentation.

Thank you Gianni. Even using the event API and not the sessions API, I’m unable to publish a new event.

New events are now added via POST, but Zoom is not returning a status, and the event does not appear on the hub landing page. Looks like they’re being added as drafts.
The Event API documentation indicates that we should be receiving a “status” = PUBLISHED or DRAFT when an event is successfully created. That’s not happening. There’s no information in the API about how to handle this.

The entire purpose of integrating Zoom is to eliminate the need to login and set up this event within Zoom - we need to be able to create, publish, and register attendees from our own website. It’s pointless if all we can create are drafts.

I can’t change the draft event via the GET, PATCH or DELETE calls - I get 404 NOT FOUND.
What am I missing?

Hi @bunch ,

Thank you so much for your feedback. At this time you cannot publish via API. Please see the following thread for more info: