Confused about how to register users for Zoom Sessions

We’ve been using{webinarID}/registrants to register people for webinars for a long time, no problems there.

We’re looking at using Zoom Sessions for some new events but I find myself a little confused by how they work. Transform Events into Experiences with Zoom Sessions | Zoom

Are Zoom Sessions simply an enhancement of Webinars? So we could continue to register people for a Webinar using the same API call?

And if we upgraded to ‘Zoom Events (Host hybrid and virtual events in an all-in-one event management platform)’ then I understand we’d create an Event rather than a Webinar? But then how would we register users for the Event using the API?

Would we need to use the Events API? Zoom Events API

I don’t see a way to register users via the Events API for these Events though?

Cany anyone please explain how each of the Webinars/Sessions/Events options work with regard to using the API to manage registrants? I’d really appreciate it :slight_smile:


Hi @ralphcapper
Thanks for reaching out to us!
I am currently looking into this!!! Hopefully I will have some information to share with you shortly!
I do not have a Zoom Events license to test this on my end and get you an answer right now but I am looking into it!