Publish events via Event API

POSTing the following to
The event is added as a Draft. The response from Zoom’s API doesn’t include a “status” value, like the API documentation indicates it should.
How do I go about publishing new events created via the API?

“name”: “Test Event 2”,
“description”: “description of event”,
“timezone”: “America/New_York”,
“event_type”: “SIMPLE_EVENT”,
“access_level”: “PRIVATE_UNRESTRICTED”,
“meeting_type”: “WEBINAR”,
“calendar”: [
“start_time”: “2024-01-01T14:01:26Z”,
“end_time”: “2024-01-01T15:01:26Z”
“hub_id”: redacted,
“start_time”: “2024-01-01T14:01:26Z”,
“end_time”: “2024-01-01T15:01:26Z”,
“contact_name”: “Test”,
“lobby_start_time”: “2024-01-01T14:01:26Z”,
“lobby_end_time”: “2024-01-01T15:01:26Z”,
“event_url”: “”

Hi @bunch ,

What do you mean by publishing the event? Getting it to start? It should start during the intended start time. Please clarify if I’m misunderstanding!

Zoom Events are not live until they are published - in Draft form, and will not start, and their public landing page shows a 404 error.

The Event API schema indicates that when POSTing a new event, “status” is one of the parameters that should be returned by the API, with a value of “PUBLISHED” or “DRAFT.” This is not happening - no status is returned at all, despite the event being visible as a draft when logging in to the Zoom Event hub.
Additionally, the API doesn’t include any information about how to change this status. As of right now, I see no way to:

  1. POST a new event with a PUBLISHED status, or
  2. PATCH an existing event’s status.

In order to publish the event that I added via the API, I would have to log in to Zoom’s website, which completely defeats the purpose of using the API in the first place. So either I’m missing something (that isn’t documented in the API), or the Event API is useless for managing single-session events.

Hi @bunch , thanks for the additional context. I am going to message you for the full API response/request, your account id, and client id so we can do more digging about the behavior with our internal API teams.

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Waiting to hear back from the relevant team about this topic. Thanks for your patience!

Hi @bunch ,

I’ve just heard back that this will be addressed in a near future release, but in the interim you will have to publish via UI! Thank you for your contributions to our developer community.

Thanks for the quick response Gianni!
How can I monitor the status of this “near future release”? Will it be included here?

Also, I have a followup question regarding the Event API.
How do I register attendees for Events via the API? Looks like the Tickets section is dependent on having set up Ticket Types, but just like Sessions, Ticket Types are “not allowed for single session event type.”
Is this something that also must be done via the website UI for the time being?

Yes it will be shared there!

Yes it is done via UI at this time.

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