Example API meeting flow


Hi there, I’m having a hard time putting it all together from the API docs. The individual endpoints make sense, but is someone able to help me understand conceptually how a flow like this would work:

I want to use my server backend (in php) to connect two users on my web app into a Zoom call like so:

  1. Two registered users on my site want to connect using zoom desktop client
  2. Server creates a zoom ‘user’ for each of my users ( custCreate?)
  3. Server creates a zoom meeting (?), passes join_url to users
  4. Users click a join link, which launches the zoom desktop client into the meeting

Questions I have:

  1. Is the flow I’ve defined sensible and possible with the API (v2)?
  2. If I create a meeting it returns a join_url? How does this work with custCreate users?

Thanks for any direction on this.


Hi @toomt,

  1. Yes, the above steps is a possible way to use the v2 API.
  2. Yes, if you create a meeting it will return both the join_url and start_url. The join_url is used for you guest and the start_url is for the host to start the meeting. It should work the same for custCreate users.

Let us know if you have any other questions.



Ahh okay thank you Michael. I was able to try out creating a meeting via the API. Thanks for pointing out the separate urls – join_url and start_url, I missed this in the docs.

I now understand that only the host needs to be a Zoom user and others can join with join_url without me having to create a Zoom user for them. I was having a hard time figuring this out based on the docs.

Thank you for the help! :pray: