Exoplayer version does not match

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The exoplayer ui, core version (2.16.1, 2.17.1) does not match so that our app crashes on our exoplayer view.
Please matches the ui, core version.

Thank you for posting in the Zoom Developer Forum, @ross ! I want to help get you the best and most complete answer I can. Before diving in, could you provide more details to help us grasp the problem? It will also be helpful if could share which SDK are you using and provide more details on what you are looking to accomplish with SDK. This information will improve our understanding of the pain points facing and help us offer more personalized support.

The latest version Android Meeting SDK has following exoplayer dependency.

  • Exoplayer Core v2.16.1
  • Exoplayer UI v2.17.1

Our app uses also exoplayer to play the video. Because UI version , core version do not match, Our app crashes on playing the video.
Therefore, we want to change and matching the exoplayer UI, core version on the Zoom Android Meeting SDK.


Thanks for your response! To clarify, are you asking us to match the exoplayer Core and UI version of Zoom Android Meeting SDK to fit your case? Or are you looking for guidance on how to change and match the exoplayer UI and core version on the Zoom Android Meeting SDK?

To that end, can you provide the following details :

  1. What have you tried to resolve the problem?

  2. How did arrive at your current conclusion that “because UI version, core version do not match, Our app crashes on playing the video”?

  3. Can you share any crash and device logs that were produced?

  4. Have you tried to match your App exoplayer version? If not, can you tell us why this option will not work?

is there a possibility of publish zoom sdk as maven library and declare dependencies in meta file? so it’s for developers to handle library version mismatch a bit easier