Jetpack Media3 support


Are you planning to upgrade to use Jetpack Media3 any time soon?
Currently Meeting SDK uses ExoPlayer 2, which is obsolete and it makes it impossible to use both Zoom and Media3 libraries in the same project.


Thank you for posting in the Zoom Developer Forum! Good question, @ederevyanko! I’m not entirely sure, but I’m happy to look into this internally. Can you confirm which SDK you are referencing? Andriod Meeting SDK?

Documentation for ExoPlayer

Documentation for the latest ExoPlayer release

Hi, Donte!

Thanks for a quick response!

Yeah, I’m talking about Meeting SDK. It still has ExoPlayer2 dependency even in 15.6.0 version while it has been deprecated for quite some time already.

So, I was interested if there is a migration scheduled in the roadmap already?


Thanks for the clarification @ederevyanko. I’ll look into this and get back to you.

Hi, @ederevyanko,
There is nothing specified on the roadmap yet. However. the Media3 implementation of ExoPlayer is identical to the existing independent ExoPlayer, except for the new package name. Please see the relevant support documentation below:

ExoPlayer and Media3 ExoPlayer

To stay updated with changes and the latest releases, please follow our change log.

Hi Donte,

I know that the changes are merely package names, but they conflict with the current Zoom implementation.

I have created separate ticket for this in Android branch -
There is a class cast exception that happens when you open a meeting. But no answers there yet((


Thanks for your response and opening up a new topic for that behavior. I will go ahead and close it and look into the issue reported in the new topic.

Feel free to tag should you have any additional questions on this topic.