Expel User Event


Is there an event that gets raised when a user is expelled?

The Participants controller only seems to expose:

OnUserLeft doesnt really help because I only get the user ID, and not how they left.

I am using CustomizedUI and want to know if there is a way to tell that I was the expelled user.




There is no such event and it is by design.



@Wilmer_Sun thanks for the reply. I can understand that if I wasn’t using custom UI, because the Zoom UI would automatically pop a notification that I have been removed from the meeting, but since I am using custom UI, how am I to know that?

CC: @cfrost


I am really sorry that the SDK does not handle all the situations. We’ll collect all the requirements. Hope the next version of SDK can support some of them.


@Wilmer_Sun thank you, does this count as formally submitting a request for this feature?


I think it would be much better to send an email to Chase, my PM. Anyway, I will collect them and give a report to him.