Export to Apple AppStore fails - FBundleIdentifier Collision. The Info.plist CFBundleIdentifier value 'us.zoom.airhost'?

@Carson_Chen we’re trying to upload out app to the Apple AppStore and get this

Apple AppStore Connect Operation Error
ERROR ITMS-90511: “CFBundleIdentifier Collision. The Info.plist CFBundleIdentifier value ‘us.zoom.airhost’ of ‘OurApp macOS.app/Contents/Frameworks/airhost.app’ is already in use by another application.”

Please advise what we’re missing here.

@dmytro I found your old post here Can't export app with Zoom SDK for Mac App Store distribution It sounds like you also were trying to export to the Applce App Store. Were you successful? Do you have a hint for us please? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @tmiskiew,

Please see the answer to this post: Sandboxing and Mac App Store


I saw it and I’m shocked that such essential information is nowhere to be found in the Zoom macOS SDK documentation. :unamused:

Can you include that into the documentation and elaborate why this is the case?

Hi @tmiskiew,

Thanks for the reply and pardon the inconvenience caused by this. Due to the limited bandwidth, some contents in the SDK doc might be outdated or insufficient. We will enhance the mac SDK doc and add this in the doc.

The reason why the case is: Our SDK is based on the Zoom client, all underneath libraries and components are the same as the Zoom client. The Zoom client was designed to be distributed via the installation package downloaded from the website, not intended to be published to the App Store. So a lot of components were not developed to match Apple’s requirement to be published to the App Store.

I have been working with the Zoom mac client team on this, and they will start a process to convert the components to match Apple’s requirements, so that mac SDK users could publish their app to the Mac App Store. Since there are a lot of components that need to be changed, so it might take some time.

The current mac SDK could be built and distributed via the installation package.

Will keep you posted. Thanks!