Facing issue in share screen


How i can share my screen in iPhone using ZoomSDK. It is not showing any option regarding share my screen. It’s Urgent for me using in App.


there is one lib called MobileRTCScreenShare.framework used for share screen.

you can refer to SDK sample for usage. and usage doc in MobileRTCSample/MobileRTCSampleScreenShare/iOS SDK Screen Share Extension Integration Guide.docx


Already I am adding those files into ZoomSDK but it’s not working


Again I am facing issue in share screen is not working.Set correct AppGroup Name in AppDelegate this step where i need to use in code. Please assist me as possible as early. It’s Urgent for me to integrate in App. 


App Groups  are the scheme  iOS  uses to allow different  apps  to share data.  You can search this feature from Apple web site.


Go through MobileRTCSample/MobileRTCSampleScreenShare/iOS SDK Screen Share Extension Integration Guide.docx before you start your job.


I am already adding those files in to my code after that i’m facing issue. 


did you set correct app group name in samplehandler.m in extension?


Yes, I’m adding the same group into SampleHandler.m. But the issue is not solved.


do u know the step to share ios screen?


Without third party i don’t know the steps share ios screen. Can you the send steps share ios screen.


you can try with zoom ios client, we provide usage guide there.

Meanwhile, in your app implement, you need to respond to delegate - (void)onClickShareScreen:(UIViewController*)parentVC,  present your own usage guide.  

Good luck.