Failed to run demo Sample-app-web


Hi ,

I followed the Qucik start to run the demo from here -> ,but failed to start the node server, I attached the node&npm version as below,
npm -v = 6.9.0
node -v = v12.0.0

error log output:

I’ll appreate it your help.



Hi @Jed.Jiang,
I have received your request and will be responding to it soon.



Hi ,

I resoved this issue by degrading the node version number to 10.0, I believe using latest node does’t work.



Hi @Jed.Jiang,

Thanks for letting us know that you were able to get it working with Node v10. We’ll have our Engineers take a look and see why it’s not working for node v12. If we determine it’s a bug we’ll be sure to make this enhancement to support that lates version of node in an upcoming release.