WebSDK sample app run on production mode

I am having a problem running the sample app in production mode, can you guide me how to config and how to build it on the server? thanks

Hi @phanhoangminh1704,

Thanks for reaching out, and welcome to our dev community! Which sample app are you working with?

If you’re working with our main sample app, you should be able to run this using Node/Express. If you haven’t yet, please check out our Quick Start guide:

Let me know if this helps—thanks!

everything was fine when I used express.static to run the meeting, but in the end, it failed to load.

do you have a sample app with expressjs?

Hi @phanhoangminh1704,

This sample app would be the closest thing. However, regarding the wasm files error, can you please make sure that you’re calling the wasm preload functions first thing in your index.js? If these aren’t loaded first thing, this can lead to this error.


how do i verify absolutely for my url, how can i track that user can only join 1 time, for example, i have an online class, user A buys it, then share the zoom link for Other non-paying users?

can you provide sample-app-web run with expressjs, I tried and failed, for example, I run with port 9000, it affects loading js file in node_modules,
localhost:9000/node_modules/abc.js not found.

Hi @phanhoangminh1704,

For this use case, I would recommend using registration for your meetings—this will allow you to generate unique join_urls for each registrant, making sure that join_urls can’t be shared.

Regarding sample apps, the link I shared previously is our main sample app. However, you might also find our React Sample App helpful as well, as another point of reference:


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