Feature request: can meeting.updated and webinar.updated events contain the full set of details for an event?


Currently, meeting.updated and webinar.updated webhook events generated for a user-managed OAuth app do not contain all of the fields for the meeting, only the fields that changed. This behavior is documented, but I’d like to make the case for including every field in the payload and see if y’all would consider changing the event to support that.

Since multiple users install our app, we need to route certain events to the right Zoom user by Zoom user ID. If I update my own meeting, my user ID appears as the value of payload.operator_id. But if someone else (for example, an executive assistant) updates my meeting, I may want to get notified of that fact. For most other events, payload.object.host_id can be used to identify the meeting owner. But since the meeting.updated and webinar.updated events don’t contain the host ID, I don’t know who owns the meeting. I’m forced to either maintain state (listen for the meeting.created event and persist the host ID), or make a separate API call to fetch the host for the given meeting ID.

I understand there might be a good reason for the current implementation, I just thought the feedback would be useful for y’all.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

OAuth, user-managed app