Need more details of webhook events payload fields

We are integrating webhook apis on our end to keep track of participant joined and left information, for that we need to identify whether we are getting event for the same participant or for the different participant.

I am referring to this page [] but I am not able to distinguish between,, object.participant.userId and object.participant.participant_user_id.

We were using object.participant.userId to identify different users for same session but we got the same object.participant.userId for different users.

Please help me in identifying these fields, such that we can use the webhooks appropriately.

Hi @ayush_goel,

If the user is logged in when they join the meeting, the user_id field returned by the Participant Joined webhook should be their unique user ID. If they’re not signed in, this should still be unique, but will be an auto generated ID for that meeting.

It is possible however, that you could have received more than 1 webhook for the same participant. If you have a waiting room enabled for instance, this could trigger two participant joined webhooks.


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