Meeting.updated webhook doesn't have "type"

API Endpoint(s) and/or Zoom API Event(s)
webhook meeting.updated

I can receive meeting.updated webhooks, but webhooks does not have payload/object/type property.
In the document above, type property is included in webhooks, but webhooks I received does not have.

I want to know how to get type property in meeting.updated webhook.

Hi @naoki.ito
You should be getting a type in your response.
Could you please share an example payload with me so I can take a look into it?
Please reply with this information to the private message I will send.

Hi @elisa.zoom

Probably solved.
I understand that the meeting.update webhook only contains the information that has changed. Am I correct?

For example, if I change the start time of a meeting, the meeting type is not included in the webhook.

Hi @naoki.ito
Your understanding is correct.

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