Feature request - In Meeting chat - Send message to hosts


In webex there is an option for in-meeting chat, where we can find “Presenter & Host” and/or “All Panelists” in “To:” dropdown. This way an participant can send chat message to all Host/Presenter l/Panelist.

Similar way, in Zoom we can restrict chat window to “Host only” during a Zoom Meeting, but participant can send msg to only one of all host/co-hosts. Moreover, by default the message is being sent to host of the meeting, unless participants explicitly change to any other co-host via “TO:” dropdown.

Because of this, many times participants send messages to host giving feedback on speaker/technical glitches/no sound etc. But host is busy controlling entire meeting OR sometime host has shared screen. Therefore, host miss or reply very late to the participant.

Instead, alike WebEx if Zoom has similar feature (can be default by Account/Meeting settings) that allows participants to send chat messages to “All Hosts”, then any co-host may respond participant quickly without any delay and wait for meeting host.

A new feature request :-
Within Zoom Meeting chat, add an option “All Hosts” in “TO:” dropdown.

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