[Feature Request] Zoom Rooms Control - JSON payloads for REST endpoints


We’re making our big office smart now, and would like to leverage our Logitech Tap for room controls. We discovered that Zoom Rooms has a Room Control option, but unfortunately as of now, we can’t use proper REST communication via this feature.

What we’re trying to achieve:

  • create the room control interface on logitech tap with zoom rooms
  • create arbitrary REST endpoints to a server managed by us
  • when a user hits a button on the Tap to control certain device, we’d like to fire preferably a JSON payload via a HTTP POST method to an endpoint, optionally with custom header
  • show feedback to the users based on HTTP response codes (eg. 200 - request was successful)

Do you have such feature on your roadmap? What you have now is great, but many smart devices uses REST and HTTP, not TCP and lower level open connections.

Thanks a lot,

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