Feb 23, 2023 TDD Update Deadline - where is the embedded form?

Hi there, can anyone help please? Does anyone know where the NEW EMBEDDED TDD form can be found at marketplace.zoom.us?
We received email notification from zoom on Dec 20 but the instructions are just lacking and there is no more developer support to ask a simple question, life is so so tough these days using zoom

Hi @zmsendteam
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum and welcome to our community, I am happy to help here!

The Embedded TDD is part of the workflow in the Marketplace.

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Hi Elisa

Thanks for this, but our zoom app is already published and live.
Does this mean we have to re-publish the app?
Please re-confirm what we need to do.


@zmsendteam Let me double-check this with the Marketplace team, but in case you need to take action on this, it would be an Update request, so the users of your app won’t be affected

Hey @zmsendteam
I have an update for you about your app submission.
Due to the recent changes we made on the Marketplace side, the security team is requesting to update your TDD via the embedded template, even though your app is already published.

Feel free to leverage the previous responses as long as they are still accurate.

Our app is in a similar situation, ie we have a published app that requires and updated TDD, and I would just like to clarify that after updating the TDD in the form, and we have a check mark next to the “Technical Design”, then nothing else is required on our part? Is that correct?


Will Chen
Visible Entertainment

Hi @will , yes this should be correct!

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Our application is also available to the public. We have responded to the TDD and the mark next to the “Technical Design” is a check.
You mean you don’t need submit, right?

I think there was a reply (from Zoom) that it was OK to just leave a check mark on ‘Technical Design’.
But not sure how the review team would know, so we re-submitted our app for review, and got approved within hours. Not 100% sure this is the right thing to do for everyone, but just relating our case.

You are correct @zmsendteam
You need to re-submit your app for update.

@zah please make sure to submit your app once you add the TDD so the Marketplace team receives that information.

Hi Elisa

Thank you for answering my question.

We have additional questions about submitting app with updated TDD.
Seeing this issue, I am afraid that users of my application may be affected when re-submitting my app.

I know the deadline of updating TDD is 28th Feb, but I want not to affect users. Then we want to know below.

  • As far as you know, reported malfunction is about only “Event Subscription” (Webhook) after resubmitting app?

Best regards.

Hi @zah
Unfortunately, some apps were affected when resubmitting the app for update and we are still investigating that issue.
But it should not affect your app when you resubmit to update your TDD

Hope this helps,

Thanks Elisa, that’s a little relief.

Unfortunately, some apps were affected when resubmitting the app for update and we are still investigating that issue.

if possible, I want to submit it after I am sure that it won’t affect my users. But TDD deadline of Feb 28th is approaching. Can we wait the result of that issue without the suspension of my app after TDD deadline?

Best Regards,

Hi @zah
You can submit your application now.
We have not seen any other applications affected

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