Apps have been reviewed and approved, but still receive update TDD warning


We are receiving a warning to update the embedded TDD form. Our applications have been recently submitted and approved (as of Jan 2023). We already provided the information requested in the embedded TDD form during that security review. Just to clarify, are we required to resubmit the information we already provided in the previous approval i.e. fill out the embedded TDD form with the same information, and re-submit for review? Will this require another security review?

For reference these our applications:

Okta Workflows
Okta Preview Workflows

Hi @okta-oauth
If you have updated the embedded TDD and your app has been approved you can ignore the email.
In the meantime I will double check the status of your app with our Marketplace team and will come back to you with an update.

Hi @elisa.zoom , we have also updated the embedded TDD, can you confirm if we are good as well? Our apps are:
School Pathways SIS Admin Bridge
School Pathways SIS Bridge

Thank you!

Hi @okta-oauth and @zoom_schoolpathways
I have reached out to the Marketplace team about this issue and it looks like there was a misunderstanding.

It looks like your apps are Oauth apps and are NOT AT RISK for suspension at the end of this month or disabling at the end of March.

We will be engaging all published apps to complete TDD and PA this year, but at this time ONLY Zoom Apps will be suspended/disabled if they do not complete the TDD and PA requirements.

Here are the steps that you can follow to verify if your app is a Zoom App or an OAuth app:

Go to App Marketplace > Find your published app (will have ‘Published’ under the Status Column) > If this app is ‘Zoom App’ in the ‘Type’ Column you are required to fill in the technical design section and submit an update. If this app is ‘OAuth’ in the ‘Type’ Column no TDD or Privacy Attestation is required at this time

Hope this helps,

That was helpful, thank you @elisa.zoom

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