Webhooks not sent for OAuth connected accounts after TDD review re-submit of the app


We had to complete a regular TDD review and since this involved adding some new information (and also the new URL verification functionality) we had to re-submit our Marvelous Zoom app.

This somehow broke the events we were receiving and caused issues for thousands of customers, who could not join the live events because our platform was not notified via the webhooks that the event had started.

This worked perfectly up until our yesterday’s app re-submit for your TDD purposes.

If clients disconnect and reconnect their Zoom account (via OAuth), webhooks events work again.
So this leads us to believe this re-submit somehow broke the webhooks for connected accounts.

Could you offer some insight on this? Completing a TDD or resubmitting an app should not break the webhooks.

Hi @jenniferb
Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, welcome to our community!

I understand that submitting your app for review after the completion of the embedded TDD, made your app stop receiving events for installed users, and the way you fixed this was to reauthorize the applications, is that correct?

I am happy to look into this and will provide you with more information soon.
Could you please share with me the name of your published App so I can investigate this further?


Hello @elisa.zoom,

the name of the app was also provided in the original post - Marvelous.
And yes, Marvelous Zoom app is not a new application. We’ve had this integration with webhooks successfully running for over 2 years and it seems the last submit of the app for TDD review purposes broke the webhook events from connected accounts.

This caused huge problems for our customers and their customers.
When customers reconnected their accounts (still ongoing, and we have hundreds of support tickets because of this), webhook events resumed.

We’d need to understand what happened and make sure any future TDD’s don’t break our webhook events again.

Thanks @jenniferb
I will come back to you as soon as I have more information about this

Hi @elisa.zoom ,

We (PlusThis) are having the same issue. We recently resubmitted our TDD application, which has since been accepted, only to discover that all current Zoom integrations have lost their webhook subscriptions.

Hi @todd4
Thanks for reaching out to us.
We are currently looking into this issue and will share more information with you shortly.

Following up on this and also looking for help. Even though we’ve submitted and received approval, we are continuing to receive emails threatening to shut off our Zoom app. (See: https://devforum.zoom.us/t/updated-app-tdd-on-dec-21-2022-but-still-receiving-reminders-to-update-tdd-before-28th-feb/82718)

This process has been incredibly frustrating. How do we solve this?

Hey @todd4
I am really sorry to hear this. If you have submitted your app with the required TDD and it has been approved you can ignore the email.
You should be good.
But to confirm this I will go ahead and double-check on my end about the status of your application.

Hi @elisa.zoom, we’re facing the same issue.
We’ve also received an email to again submit the TDD or our app will be shut down.
This is extremely unnerving, considering the issue we had when we did this the first time and it broke our customer’s webhook events (the reason this thread is open).

Could you please check our TDD status and confirm our app will not be shut down?

Hi @jenniferb
Of course, let me follow up with the Marketplace team and will come back to you

Hi @todd4
I just heard back from the Marketplace team and they confirmed that you have completed your TDD and the app was approved.

We are working on a way to exclude all the developers that have updated the app, so you stop receiving the email, I apologize for the inconvenience.

For now, you can ignore them and I can confirm your app has been approved.

Hi @jenniferb
I can also confirm your app has been approved.
For now, just ignore the email please and do not worry, your ap won’t be shut down.

Hi @elisa.zoom any news on the original issue - did you find out why the webhook events stopped working?

Hi @jenniferb
I do not have any information at the moment.
I will update you if I hear something else.