Fetching list of Dial Ins


I am creating a Xamarin App which is using zoom api for various transactions. I need to get the list of all the dial ins of various countries. Is there any api which can be hit to get the desired list or any link from where I can download the complete list.

At zoom website, I can see the dial in numbers but cannot download it, copy/pasting in my codebase is a lengthy process. Please let me know of any solution.


Hi @prateek.srivastava,

This is similar to your other question. Please refer to this - Fetching list of supported TimeZones(GMT values)

Hi Michael,

This question is about fetching the list of zoom dial ins(phone numbers) of various countries that come under zoom subscriptions and the other one was related to the list of timezones supported by

Could you please help me with this? Is there any way to fetch all the dial-ins(phone numbers) of the supported countries.


Thanks and Regards,

Prateek Srivastava

Hi @prateek.srivastava,

Currently we don’t have the option via the API.