International numbers

In Zoom, it is possible to select the default global numbers that will appear in the Zoom invitation. Can we get this list of numbers for the account via the API?

I see something about TSP dial-in numbers in the API documentation, but I have not idea what TSP means. Is this relevant? Could not find any online documentation explaining what TSP is.

Hi, I am not sure what the global numbers is. Can you please explain your first question more clearly?

The TSP is Telephony Service Provider. It is the telephony meeting.

We will explained it more clearly in the API documentation in the future version…

Thanks for your question.

Go to your Zoom account > My Meeting Settings > Telephone > Global Dial-in Countries.

We want to get the list of numbers for the countries selected in the feature, via the API. This is a request from our mutual customers.

Hi, thank you for your comments. We are sorry that we do not support this as of now. We will add this to our roadmap and let the community know when this will be delivered.

I am interested in this too

Hi. Zoom users can set their default Global Dial-in Countries/Regions in their account settings. Can we get this list via the REST API?

Any progress on this one? It’s several years old but I haven’t found anything in the API to get the International Numbers URL and wonder if it’s a gap or if there is now a way to get it from the API.