File Sharing during Zoom Meeting from zoomSDK

We have a requirement wherein while the meeting is joined using zoomsdk from our developement app we want to share documents(i.e images,documents,zip,etc). When we press hardware backbutton it exits the app. Is there any option to minimize zoom meeting and return back to app and perform our tasks and again come back to meeting?
We tried another way by invoking a notification and on click of that notification we called “cordova-plugin-camera” or “cordova-image-picker” but it doesn’t return any values and goes to the error block.

Is there any option to share files(not onscreen share button) to the partner from the zoom meeting chat.

Is there any alternative to share contents during meeting?

We are developing cordova based app. (Hybrid)

Hi Prasanna_Dharmadhika,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. Regarding your questions:

  1. We did some tests on our side: when pressing the back button, the app will be moved to the background but it won’t be terminated. The meeting/app will keep living unless the app in the background is killed by the system. You can overwrite the “back button” action listener to change this behavior, here are some useful links:

However, since you are using Cordova, it might be possible to do that in the Cordova layer, you might need to go to the actual Android code to overwrite that.
2. Your requirement “minimize zoom meeting and return back to app and perform our tasks and again come back to meeting” can be done using our Custom UI feature, we have this feature shown in our demo app(, launch a custom UI meeting, and the button on the upper left corner can do the job; But this feature is only available on the native SDK, due to the constraint of Cordova, it is not possible to do UI design and changes from the Cordova layer.
3. The contents and files that can be shared are listed in the last screenshot of here:

Are you using the Ionic SDK?
Hope this helps. Thanks!

Yes. We are using Ionic SDK

Thanks for the reply. As I have mentioned in my previous reply, due to the limitation of Ionic, your requirement might be hard to meet with our Ionic SDK.