Find all live meetings return different results

What is the equivalent of /v1/meeting/live in API v2?

I also did some test
using v1/meeting/live , it returns 4 meetings, lets say A,B,C,D (All are PMI)
using v1/metrics/meetings , it returns only 2 meetings, lets say A,B
using v2/metrics/meetings, it returns only 2 meetings, lets say A,B
Note: I use parameter to return live meetings.

And then I use v2/metrics/meetings/{meetingId}/participants to get all participants.
It returns result for meeting A,B
but it return error for meeting C,D: {“code”:3001,“message”:“This meeting’s details info is not available or ID is not valid.”}

Any idea why this happen?
And how to retrieve details for meeting C and D?


Hi @chand,

Please note that we no longer support our v1 apis.

Can you please send us an email to with the meeting IDs that were not valid, so that we can check the issue?