Find out who started a meeting?

Is it possible via the Zoom meeting API or webhooks to know who started a meeting?

I’ve looked through Zoom documentation and other places online and I can’t find an answer to this question.

At the moment, here is how I am achieving it:

  1. listen for the meeting.participant_joined webhook
  2. if the participant id matches the host_id, it means the creator joined (and therefore started) the zoom meeting
  3. if the participant email matches any of the meetings’ alternative_host emails, it means an alternative host joined (and therefore started) the zoom meeting

But I’m not sure if this is entirely correct or optimal.

Hi @ogen.odisho_zp
Thanks for reaching out to us.
To find out who started the meeting, it looks like you are achieving it correctly.
Now, it depends on your settings. If you have enabled participants to join before host, then your workaround is a great idea.
If you do not want participants to be able to join before host to ensure that the host is the only one starting the meeting, you can achieve it too.

Hi @elisa.zoom , thank you for your reply.

I did do some local testing and found that if I am an alternative host for a meeting, I’m able to join the meeting and start it before the host has joined - even if the “allow participants to join anytime” setting is disabled.

I’m not sure if this is intended behaviour or not, but in any case, it looks like the solution I originally posted is sufficient for identifying the “true” host.

Thanks for sharing your findings with us @ogen.odisho_zp