Firebase implementation

I have a button on my zoom app that is supposed to open up a popup that takes me to the my website to authenticate with firebase. How would I go about this because the popup is blocked on the zoom app and unsure how to redirect to a new browser window.

Thank you.

Google has blocked OAuth calls from embedded webviews (that’ll be Zoom Apps) and, since Firebase is Google, I’d assume the situation there is much of the same.
You should look at how Third-party auth is implemented in their reference app and conjure something alike for Firebase auth flow (your app will need to make calls to Firebase’s OAuth server)

Hope this helps

I have a firebase implementation that you can find here:

If you’re able to share the error you’re seeing we may be able to get around it with the domain allow list.


Thank you so much for this. Is there any example apps that were done with third party requests with firebase oAuth? I have a current product that is hosted on Amazon web services and I want to make requests to it as well.

We don’t have an example of using Firebase with other OAuth providers but in general this would be handled with a Firebase Function and data would be stored within Firestore similar to the example shared above.

Let me know if that helps.

Sounds good here is my approach:

I call the zoom oauth user function to identify the authenticated email that was logged in then I use that email to see if that item is in the firebase database if it is then I load their firestore data.

I also wanted to know how I could open up my website’s homepage in another browser to login if the account does not exist.

Does this seem like a viable approach?

That’s definitely a viable method to store/recall user information. If you wanted to open your website from your Zoom App so that the user could authenticate then the best method is to use the openURL() function.