Zoom App Authentication Domain list

Hey guys,
I want to add a authentication into my zoom app my zoom app which runs within zoom client during meetings. so iam thinking to add a firebase authentication in my app. so please tell me is it okay to use firebase auth here because we need to store each user in the database so please help and let me know if it make sense thanks :slight_smile:

@MaxM Please help seems like iam missing domain allow list, please tell me iam using firebase authentication what domain allow list should I put in order to use firebase service ?

As of my last update in September 2021, Zoom introduced domain-based authentication to restrict meeting access to specified domains. Administrators can define approved domains to control who can join meetings. Check Zoom’s official documentation for the most up-to-date information on configuring the domain list for app authentication.

@alvaromathis30 Thanks for your Response but i solved the issue i added this “identitytoolkit.googleapis.com” domian into my domain allow list and it’s working fine. I will leave a thread maybe someone also try to use Firebase Authentication in Zoom Apps.
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to solve the problems follow given steps:

  • Invalid or mismatched authentication domain - Make sure the authentication domain entered in your Zoom account settings matches the one configured for Single Sign-On (SSO) in your organization’s identity provider. They need to be identical.
  • Outdated app version - Make sure you’re using the latest version of the Zoom app. Older versions may not support your organization’s updated authentication domain. Update to the newest version.
  • Certificate issues - If your organization uses certificate-based authentication, any expired, invalid, or misconfigured certificates could prevent authentication. Check for certificate problems on your identity provider side as well as the Zoom app.
  • Incorrect SSO configuration - Improperly configured SAML or OAuth apps in your SSO portal can lead to authentication failures. Double check the configuration steps on your identity provider side.
  • Problematic firewall or proxy - If your network uses firewalls or proxies, they may need to be updated to allow traffic to Zoom’s authentication servers. Whitelist Zoom domains.
  • Account namespace problem - The Zoom account namespace (like companyname.zoom.us) needs to match what’s configured in SSO. Check it matches properly.
  • Clearing app data/cache - Try clearing the cache and app data for the Zoom app to remove any outdated authentication artifacts. Re-login.
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