Firefox & Safari video input labels in Preview

Web Video SDK v1.5.5

In our Preview / Waiting Room, we give the user the option to turn on their camera, and select to use and preview their different video input devices (webcams).
However in Firefox, and Safari, we are not returned the label attribute for these devices using ZoomVideo.getDevices() as explained in the docs.
Is there something we need to be doing differently to generate these labels, or is it a current limitation of the SDK?


Hi @tom.roper , from initial view, I’m not seeing that this is expected will look into this. If it is only happening on Chrome it might be a current limitation. We’ll confirm!

Hi @tom.roper ,

Based on testing, the label attribute should show up in Safari and Chrome, but not Firefox. In Safari, are you granting permission for use of media devices? Without granted permission, the appropriate information for the devices will not be displayed.


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