Flutter Zoom SDK Cannot Initialized

Hello guys,

I’m testing the example of the Flutter SDK from here https://github.com/decodedhealth/flutter_zoom_plugin.


  1. I changed the values of AppKey, AppSecret on the meeting_screen.dart file.
  2. flutter run
  3. Console output
I/flutter (10951): Created the view
I/ZoomSDK (10951): setDomain, set Zoom domain as zoom.us
I/System.out(10951): Failed to initialize Zoom SDK
I/flutter (10951): initialized

Adding logs to the ZoomView.java on the init function, found that error was caused by
ERROR CODE: 2 (I suppose “Your SDK key or secret is illegal”)
INTERNAL ERROR CODE: 3023 (it means “Your SDK key or secret is invalid”)

I’m using the ApiKey and ApiSecret on the Web Sdk and they work just fine, I’m even using these on a API to create calls on demand.

The ApiKey and ApiSecret that I’m using are correct.

Reading the Doc https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/sdk/native-sdks/android/mastering-zoom-sdk/sdk-initialization and https://zoom.github.io/zoom-sdk-android/index.html?us/zoom/sdk/ZoomSDKInitParams.html

I figured that I can replace the ApiKey and ApiSecret with jwtToken and pass it pass it to the ZoomSDKInitParams but it does not build the proyect (the version of Android SDK is the problem?).

I do not know what I’m doing wrong, but the app created on the market place has type JWT, so the jwtToken is required in this case?


Hi thefantastic4it,

Thanks for the post. We do not have Flutter SDK at the moment. The link you shared is not related to us.

Hope this helps. Thanks!