Failed to initialize zoom SDK Error: 1 internalErrorCode=0 Android sample apps

Hi i try to build Android sample apps that zoom provide on github for Research n development purpose,already open it with android studio and do all the steps on Android SDK Documentation page,like creating SDK Apps for generate SDK key & secret, and put sdk key & secret on,and try to put the jwt token too,but when i debug it on my device and run the sdk sample apps it appear error message “Failed to initialize zoom SDK Error: 1 internalErrorCode=0”, can anyone help me,is there something that i must to add to the project beside the sdk key & secrets on,fyi i already using zoom free trial account


Hi rizkyrayd,

Thanks for the post. The error code indicates that the JWT token is incorrect. What is the web domain you are using?

To ensure your SDK key & secret are working, besides filling up the SDK key & secret in, please change the following in

            ZoomSDKInitParams initParams = new ZoomSDKInitParams();
//            initParams.jwtToken = SDK_JWTTOKEN;
            initParams.appKey = SDK_KEY;
            initParams.appSecret = SDK_SECRET;

If it works, then it means the key & secret are working, then you may refer to the instruction here: to complete the JWT token.

You can use either key & secret or JWT token for SDK initialization.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

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im using for my web domain is it correct? or im wrong.
oke ill try to direct change the sdk secret n key on hope this work ill inform you asap

hope this work thanks

yup its work! thank you carson you’re the best! :grin: :grin: :grin:

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Hi rizkyrayd,

Glad to hear that it is working. Happy Zooming! :slight_smile:

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thanks @Carson_Chen btw can i use same android sdk for outsystem platform have heard before?,its like hybrid platform & low code platform

Hi rizkyrayd,

Could you elaborate a little bit more about the outsytem and the hybrid platform low code platform? Not. quite sure what kind of system you are referring to. Any wiki or link would be very helpful.