Force recording and saving to the Cloud

is it possible to force host Cloud recording via API so that in any case we will have the videos there?
I read here a requested option to lock the host record option in the panel, so that the host cannot choose to save the recordings on her/his computer. Any update?

In other words, we must be sure that every recording will be available to us in the Cloud, also when the host decides to save a local copy.

Thanks in advance

Hi @dev,

When you use the create meeting API, make sure that you set auto recording to the cloud. If you have already created a meeting, you can use the update meeting API and then set the auto recording to cloud.

If for some reason, the host decides to stop the recording, we do not have a feature at the moment to force record it to the cloud. That being said, we may choose to add this feature in our future releases. You can follow our changelog and developer roadmap to see the latest updates.