How do you record a meeting using REST API on trial version?


Hi there,


I want to send a request to begin recording a meeting, is this possible?

I am on a free trial currently, and it seems like I don’t have access to cloud recording. Will any of the recording APIs work with local recordings? (I have made a recording but I can’t get any info for it)


I’m using Postman and have pulled down the API requests from GitHub.


Thanks in advance.


Cloud recording is only available for paid accounts.

All of the APIs refer to the cloud recording option only

It’s not possible to access any of the local recording information from a remote server


Hi Joshua, 

Thanks for the response.

Let’s assume that I have paid for the pro subscription, is there a REST API which allows recording control (i.e. start and stop)?

As far as I can see it only allows finding info on existing recordings.





Via the API you can only control if a meeting should be recorded or not, before it starts, upon meeting creation.

The APIs allow you to create/config meetings, does not provide any functionality to an in-progress meeting. For that you would have to create your own client using the SDKs.


Ah I see, thanks. I’m just looking at the documentation and it’s updated, and all mention of cloud recording API has gone -  is this no longer supported?


The release of Version 2 APIs took place over the weekend, Version 2 is now the default documentation. Cloud recording in version 2 is not complete


Documentation for Version 1 of the API, and cloud recording, can be found at