Force trigger the CEF Package "Utilities" required to run Camera Mode?

Before we get the CEF download package prompt, is there a way to force trigger the utilities package download?

Problem: user can’t get camera mode to work. He doesn’t recall ever accepting the “utilities package download” needed to run Camera Mode. He probably ignored it or it was minimized or he cancelled it.

Is there anything we can tell the user that would successfully re-prompt him for the required package?

Could I get a response on this please?

Can anyone reply? this is been 3 weeks

If the user did not accept the “utilities package download” prompt required to run Camera Mode, there may be a way to force trigger the download.

One option is to go to the settings menu of the device and look for an option to download or update software packages. If the utilities package is available, the user can manually trigger the download and installation process.

If this option is not available, the user may need to uninstall and reinstall the Camera Mode application, which should trigger the download prompt again. Before doing this, the user should make sure to back up any important files or settings related to the application.

It’s also important to note that if the device is not compatible with the utilities package or Camera Mode, the download prompt may not appear at all. In this case, the user may need to upgrade their device or contact the manufacturer for support.

Thanks @sananjerjeez a few follow up questions:

  1. Where is the option to download or update software packages in the Zoom Client? I only see “check for updates” which does not say software packages

  2. What devices are known to not be compatible with the Camera Mode application / utilities package?

Regarding the first question, to download or update software packages in the Zoom Client, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open the Zoom Client on your computer.
  2. Click on your profile picture in the top right corner.
  3. Select “Check for Updates” from the dropdown menu.
  4. If there are any updates available, click “Update” to download and install them.

If there are no updates available, it means that you have the latest version of the Zoom Client installed on your device.

As for the second question,

In general, if a camera mode application is built using the CEF framework, it would likely require the CEF Package Utilities to be installed in order to run properly.

If a user is having trouble getting Camera Mode to work and they don’t recall accepting the “utilities package download” needed to run Camera Mode, it’s possible that the package was never installed. The user may have ignored the download prompt or accidentally cancelled it.

To resolve this issue, the user can try downloading and installing the “utilities package” manually. They can search for the package online and download it from a reputable source. Once downloaded, they can install the package and then try to run Camera Mode again.

@sananjerjeez can you link to the package online that is what we should send users?

I looked online and cannot find it. “Utilities Package” is a Zoom name that has nothing to do with CEF Package… is it here? CEF Automated Builds ? which version is the latest? what file format is the download?

This is a very hard to do and tricky problem for users, when will this be fixed?

Hi, we have the same problem - is there an update on this issue?

Is there a way to force trigger the utilities package or to show the prompt again? And is there a link to the CEF package? Thanks!

@sananjerjeez please reply. Its been months and no solution

There’s no way to force trigger CEF download. The user must accept the prompt by design.

However you can troubleshoot this locally by checking for the existence of the folder:

the “utilities package” is downloaded to here

  • on macOS: ~/Library/Application Support/
  • on PC: %appdata%/Local/Zoom/plugin/cef_x64
    (you can type that in the explorer window to get to the AppData folder or go there from ~\AppData)

you can delete that folder, and then start camera mode again to trigger a new download