Set all options in webinterface

Great Zoom people,
I hope I hit the right spot, if not please let me know.

Nice that you are stil working on Zoom and trying to make it even beter.

However sometimes the improvements don’t always work out the way you want it to.
We are using a dedicated PC with our own writen scripts around the linux weblink connection.
It is being used for eldery people and they have only a remote control device to use it.

Now with the new update “Video Preview” we are stuck.

  1. How can we resolve this issue ?

  2. Would it be possible to also have those configurations in the administrators webinterface ?
    on/of yes/no

This would resolve this problems but also for in the future.

With kind regard,
Bart Helderman

Hey @bart, thanks for using Zoom!

Are you using one of our Developer SDKs or APIs?

If not,

Can you try setting this setting to on?

Your users can also change their camera settings on the Zoom Client and their profile.

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