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Zoom SDK has pretty user-friendly way to initiate sharing the content on the call. I mean ZoomSDKASController.

But it would be perfect to have more customisation for startFrameShare(). Let’s imagine that user has own, already created border in the app (but to be honest I really like Zoom’s green border) and they need to pass the coords and size only, to change the shared area.

We need the possibility to start the frame sharing without the Zoom’s green border and passing CGRect only when the sharing area should be changed.

Could we create a feature request? I think it should be useful feature for the sharing.

Hi @anton.yereshchenko, thanks for the suggestion.

Just to make sure I am understanding correctly, are you asking for the ability to programmatically control the dimensions and position of the share frame initiated by the startFrameShare method? If so, could you provide some additional context around your intended use case for this?


Hi @jon.lieblich , thanks for replying.

After some investigation I can say that I was not clear enough, thank you for asking.
The main goal is add ability to programmatically control the dimensions and position of the share frame.

There are two scenarios:

  • The perfect one:

There are two methods in ZoomSDKASController:
- (ZoomSDKError)startMonitorShare:(CGDirectDisplayID)monitorID - to share specific screen.
- (ZoomSDKError)startAppShare:(CGWindowID)windowID- to share specific window.

Question: Is it possible to add cropRect as optional parameter for those methods?

  • Plan B:

There is method in ZoomSDKASController:

- (ZoomSDKError)startFrameShare - to share a portion of screen by a frame.

Question: Is it possible to add additional method, for example:
- (void)updateFrameShareCropRect:(CGRect)cropRect
to update sharing frame.

And maybe some ability to hide or customise (change color) the border.

I hope it would give ability to focus on important parts while sharing the content.

Thanks, Jon!

Hi @anton.yereshchenko,

No problem at all, thanks for clarifying! I will get the ball rolling on a feature request for this and keep you updated as soon as we have any new information. Just based on the SDK’s design, I think that the most likely option will be to add this to the startFrameShare approach. Otherwise, there may be some conflict with internal SDK logic.


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