Framereader read null frame! (Videos are no longer appearing in Chrome)

@donte.S Yes, that’s correct. I understand this is not the intended use case for Web SDK, it would be nice if zoom can support it. The I420A format is similar to I420 format, except for an additional alpha channel. Also Video SDK is irrelevant here as we are trying to integrate with the Zoom meetings. I have found a workaround which is working in chrome.

@jameschan0524 You can use the transform(stream) function in the below code snippet to convert I420A to I420 video frame format and send it to Zoom. This uses draft W3C standards and works only Chrome at this time.

@saravana Thanks so much, You did great job.
I will try it as soon as possible
Best regards

Thanks for sharing your workaround and progress @saravana @jameschan0524 :slight_smile:


@saravana I checked transform(stream) and it works well.
This is very useful code and helped me.
Thanks so much

Hey @jameschan0524,

Great! I’m glad to hear that resolved your issue. Thank you for updating us here.