Hello ... after zoom release 1.9.7 im still using 1.9.6 ... video not render

im using 1.9.6 version of web sdk …

last week web sdk work like charm . everything worked fine. i could see video of others on top of the screeen …

but today i tried web sdk out and all of sudden top participant video renders not showing at alll…

also when i as websdk user i turn on camera, list view of video render show and but no video of others or mine.

also the gallery view icon disappear…

please itz urgent…/

and also im not sure if itz zoom error im getting “fps error” that i never wrote on my code on console msg

Hey @ssijcfe,

Thanks for reaching out. Does this only happen on Chrome? If so, please make sure that you have enabled Web Isolation. Let me know if the following post helps:

I hope that helps!


Thank you for your quick reply .

As soon as i run on web isolation it works fine :slight_smile: thank you!!

Hello again…

I ran application through web isolation …which is work fine…when itz that alone…

Thing is that now the specific url is set to web istolation but that url is called by other iframe .

And even thought itz same directory url that web isolation option is given, standalone zoom work perfectly fine but zoom that show by iframe does not work…

can u please help me with this???

you also load zoom web sdk through iframe???
i havnt solve the problem yet… have u ?

@ssijcfe @driggerspei369

We do not officially support iFraming the Web SDK—it’s recommended to implement the Web SDK as its own stand alone app.


Hi @will.zoom @MaxM … im using 1.9.6 version, can i disable mic & cam checking before participant click “Join Button” ? I want participant directly join to the meeting when access my webpage without Mic&Cam checking like older version (example: 1.8.6 version) Thank you Will

Hey @ItsBlue7, there’s an option to turn off that preview screen that you pass into the init() function:

disablePreview: false

@ssijcfe We also embed the WebSDK in an iframe so we can constrain it to a specific region on our platform. I didn’t figure out how to use Web Isolation on the embeddable content, so ended up using the Origin Trial to extend the use of the SharedArrayBuffer for now, so if you want to get it working urgently you could do the same.

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Thanks again for your insight @mijodu!


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